Volunteering Your Time for the Tiger

Saving Wild Tigers is run by volunteers and we are always looking for dedicated volunteers who want to make a difference for the tiger.

We get queries about on-site volunteering opportunities, say for a summer or for an year or so in India. Since we are a volunteer group focused on raising resources for tiger conservation activities, we are unable to do justice to such offers, or respond to them in a timely fashion.

Please realize that the living conditions in rural areas near the tiger are very difficult and it takes a long time to adapt to the local culture before being any help to the tiger. However, if you think that you have the dedication to make a long term commitment and/or have special technical skills or background to help the tiger on-site, we suggest that you directly contact the on-site conservation programs such as the India program of the Wildlife Conservation Society.

Generally, it is far more effective to take up the tiger's cause while living in your own cultural element. For example, if you live in a developed country, the optimum way to volunteer your time is probably to raise resources for conservation activities. No effort is too small in this regard since the dollar (or yen, Euro, Sterling ....) has a tremendous purchasing power in the tiger's habitat. Even if you don't succeed in raising big bucks, your efforts will pay off in terms of raising awareness.

We are always looking for dedicated volunteers all across the world who share our zeal to save the wild tiger by raising resources frugally for an effective conservation program. If you think you are such a person, we would love to hear from you. Please send us your resumé with a short narrative about your ideas and plans.

We are a volunteer group, we do not have any employment opportunities.