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Before You Enter Our Website: Who We Are

Three of the eight tiger subspecies that roamed Asia only 50 years ago are gone and the remaining population is under severe threats from habitat loss, hunting of its prey and poaching. Tiger's future is uncertain.

Saving Wild Tigers is a project run entirely by volunteers. Our publicity is mostly by word-of-mouth and we do not waste money on junk mailings. With no staff salaries to pay or glossy brochures and trinkets to distribute or a jazzy website to maintain, our overhead costs are minimal. Your donations go straight to the tiger.

Our conservation activities are selected in consultations with world's tiger experts. We hope that you will be impressed by the scope of our activities and by the mileage you get for your donations. Finally, with no mass marketing, we count on YOU to spread the word about the tiger's plight and our efforts.

Thank you.


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Last update 10-October-2016.

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    Tiger Benefit Concert 19-May-2015
    Saving Wild Tigers thanks Krishna Das and Friends for hosting a successful benefit concert in New York City:
    "Sacred Music for Sacred Forests and Saving Wild Tigers: with Krishna Das and Friends"
    Click here for details

    Concert Video (Dr. Karanth at the end)